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Dr. Bacon strives to be as flexible as possible in serving groups and is particularly adept at adapting the content of her sessions to the needs of each audience. The following steps are the typical ones that occur in booking an engagement:

Step #1: Complete the Booking Information Form and submit for consideration.

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Step #2: Schedule a time for the person who is most familiar with the desired outcomes to talk directly to Dr. Bacon regarding your group’s needs.

Step #3: Negotiate a mutually acceptable arrangement for services and sign a contract to confirm the engagement

Step #4: Complete the logistics for travel, audiovisual needs, duplication of handouts and any other final arrangements necessary to finalize.

Step #5: Consultant submits personalized presentation abstracts and handouts for duplication and travel plans approximately 30 days prior to the agreed upon date.

Fee Structure

Fees for engagements are dependent on a number of factors such as dates desired, nature of the audience, the number of hours within a given day and the number of sessions required, amount of time involved in travel, the potential for subsequent engagements, etc. Although there are customary fees for most events, we try not to allow money to be the only determinant of whether or not services will be provided to a specific group and typically will negotiate the fee to accommodate a group’s budget when possible.

Fees include a daily rate for on-site session including preparation and travel time but travel costs are additional. It is preferable for contracts to be a flat fee that includes all travel expenses to make the total amount predictable at the outset and preclude the need for the submission of receipts following the engagement. However, contracts can have travel expenses as additional if the organization’s policies require this.



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